10 Biggest Casino Jackpot Winners

Slot machines are quite simple to learn and to play. Drop your coin (or insert your credit card) before pulling the lever. Then push the button. The reels begin spinning on the screen.

When the machine stops spinning it is your hope that you’ll be able to win and then you’ll have that nest egg, a new vehicle, or home you’ve always wished for. It’s not likely to be the result from playing a slot. Slot machines (like penny slots specifically) are among the top money-makers in American casinos.

You can still win as some players have even won huge amounts. The payouts for slot machines are among of the biggest of all other games played in casinos.

In this article, I’ll discuss the biggest winners of slot machines. I’m going to share with you the top 10 jackpots at casinos winners ever.

1 – $39,710,826.36

A 25-year-old software engineer kept his identity secret was able to win nearly $40 million from the machine that is progressive in the Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas.

This jackpot was won in 2003 and is still the largest jackpot in the history of slot machines. I’m not sure if you would be able to trust this much money at the age of 25 years old, would you?

The anonymous gambler played $100 to play Megabucks. Megabucks machine. Talk about a return on investment.

2 – $34,959,458.56

In the month of January 2000 Cynthia Jay Brennan, an ice cream waitress, experienced her most significant day of her professional career. Cynthia was aged 37 when she took home her victory, was playing a Megabucks machine inside The Desert Inn.

The Wynn Las Vegas is the former home that was The Desert Inn. Unfortunately the hotel’s owner, Ms. Brennan was in a tragic accident in a car just six weeks later, after she was struck by drunk drivers. She was paralyzed as was her younger sister’s. tragically lost by the crash.

3 – $27,580,879.60

The retired air attendant went to in the Palace Station Casino on November 15 15 1998, with the intention of playing for $100 in slot machines check these guys out. The casino blew through her budget, just like we usually do when we engage in gambling with real money.

The flight attendant raked in nearly 28 million from an Megabucks machine. Sometimes, tripling your bankroll can pay off. It really paid off for this lucky person.

4 – $22,621,229.74

Shine bright! This is what Johanna Heundl did on May 27 day 2002, 2001, after she walked away with the fourth largest slot machine jackpot ever.

The California resident chose to play on a, you probably guessed it, Megabucks machine. She was headed to breakfast.

Johanna was distracted by this machine, for only a second. As she looked back at the machine, she was forced to verify her eyes. She won close to $23 million.

What a wonderful way to begin your day, don’t you think? I would have bought breakfast for the entire restaurant and you wouldn’t?

5 – $21,346,952.22

The day of June 1 1 1999, a business professional inserted a 10$ bill into the Megabucks slot machine. He didn’t realize of the fact that life would be going to changing.

The Illinois resident went on to win $21.3 million in the slot machine located at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas. I wonder if the man is still consulting?

The 49-year-old has decided to remain anonymous until the present day. I’d probably do, too.

6 – $21,147,947.00

What would you think of having not just one million payment and two? Within 20 years?

Dreams do come true. Elmer Sherwin won $4.6 million in 1989 at the Mirage. Nearly 20 years later the Vegas regular claimed $21.1 million playing the Megabucks machine in the Cannery Casino Hotel in Las Vegas.

The most lucky man on earth was able to win his second jackpot at the tender old age of 92. It’s a shame you can’t bring the cash to the tomb. Elmer died in the year 94, two years after his death.

This story provides a new significance to the golden years.

7 – $17,329,817.80

Casino regulars are well-versed in the freebies that you receive. You can get a $20 credit to play slot machines. Perhaps you’ll receive the dinner voucher. It’s possible that you’ll get discount on the hotel room.

They’re fantastic, but can you really consider all of them seriously? I’m probably carrying around 10 vouchers for buffets in my junk drawer at the time I write this blog.

Maybe we ought not to take advantage of these freebies with the same zeal. An Las Vegas woman went to the M Resort in Henderson, NV, to make use of her play credit in the casino and pick the food vouchers she had purchased.

In December of 2012 this gambler’s wishes for Christmas came in early. The lesson to take from this is to take advantage of the credit cards for free! It is possible to not win but what’s there to risk? Perhaps a multimillion-dollar prize?

8 – $17,329,817.80

An Las Vegas casino regular, dubbed the Rampart Lucky Local, played an $20 bill at the Megabucks slot at Rampart Casino. You’re aware of what happened following: he wins a multimillion-dollar jackpot.

The man had far greater goals than using the funds to meet his personal needs and desires. He donated a significant amount to the local church.

The gift allowed the beginning church to start its own chapel. The new church was hosting its services in the gym at a local high school.

The world could be an ounce better if all of us were as generous.

9 – $12,769,933.00

What happens if you’re visiting your niece, and she is from Vegas? You decide to play for the money that you have in your pocket on Aria Casino and Resort. Aria Casino as well as the Resort evidently.

What could be the case for everyone in this scenario is that they could win nearly $13 million.

This is what happened on the 21st of January, 2011. Unidentified woman:

  • Visiting her niece in Las Vegas
  • She had cash in the amount of $6.
  • She was a participant in a Megabucks Machine at Aria Casino as well as the Aria Casino Resort
  • She took home $12.7 million.

The results of this were the result for one lady. Her life was forever altered. This is exactly the kind of out of town excursion I’m talking of!

Incredibly, there was another huge jackpot on the Megabucks machine just four months later. I’m betting that Aria was checking the chances of their machines.

10 – $12,510,549.90

Big Apple dreams came true for an Vegas resident on the 14th of April 14th in 1997. Suzanne Henley stopped into the New York-New York Casino on one night while returning to work.

There was a feeling it was in the process of waiting for a huge payout from Megabucks. Megabucks slots. You should always be able to trust your intuition. It’s almost never wrong.

Suzanne gambled $100 in the Megabucks machine, which was believed to be a jackpot. Of course she won millions. In fact she won $12.5 million. Henley won $12.5 million.

What can we learn that this lucky winner has to offer? Be sure to trust your gut, since it could be worth more than $13 million.

Why are there so many big jackpots On Megabucks Machines?

Megabucks is a wide-area progressive (WAP) slots. WAP slots that are progressive are typically interconnected across a wide area.

What is unique about the Megabucks machines special is that:

The WAP system that is used for Megabucks machines is huge. Megabucks machines is huge. This Megabucks WAP program is located in Vegas has the highest popular in the nation. This Megabucks WAP system has more participants contributing to its odds than any other within the United States.

There are a lot of prizes to be won. Megabucks jackpot payouts begin in the $10-million range. This means that the winner won’t get less than $10 million.

Megabucks machines are among the most expensive. Megabucks machines are among the most costly slot machines that gamblers can play. The minimum bet starts at $3. If the average bet for one spin on the machine is about 10-cents. Megabucks machine are costly for players to enjoy.

It can be assumed that the more costly betting on a single line, higher the winnings.

The three traits of these three characteristics of Megabucks slots explain why they’re the king of the most lucrative jackpots on slot machines.


Wouldn’t it be amazing to gamble with your little cash on you, or even the casino slots for free and be with a millionaire?

The stories are too appealing to be real. There’s a reason that the chances for winning the Megabucks jackpot aren’t very good. The odds of winning Megabucks are 50 million-1.

I love stories about jackpots I love jackpot stories, and I hope that you enjoy them too. Keep in mind that slots are for enjoyment, not an investment plan for retirement!